Don't burn your leads

Most Competitors

AI Chatbots

AI that can text - without sounding like a robot.

Done-For-You Service

Get an expert to create AI for you.

Ensuring high conversion rates and setup in under 7 days.

Paid on Results (Only)

No upfront costs...
Run a 100% free test, and only pay on real results.

Multi-text Responses

AIs ability to respond to multiple messages, when a lead sends two or more messages in a row.

In-Convo Scheduling

The AIs ability to schedule appointments dynamically in the conversation - and not with a booking link.

Results in higher conversions.
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Stop Sequence

AI's ability to stop responding, when the lead isn't interested anymore.

Azure Servers

Custom solutions on robust Azure servers that provides better uptime and end-to-end encryption.

No use of limited no-code automation tools.

Custom Integrations

The ability to custom code integrations to any calendar/CRM.

Ensuring you don't have to change day-to-day operations.


cheaper than

a human

Key Features

  • Automated appointment scheduling

  • Instant Responses to Customers

  • Personalized Interactions

  • Availability Scan of Calendar

  • Multi-lingual Ai

  • Managing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • CRM System

  • Easily integrated to any System

  • 24-Hour Support

  • Call Routing and Transfers

  • Easily Scalable

  • Analytics and Insights

Frequently asked Questions:

How is my data kept confidential?

Your data is stored on systems that adhere to the highest industry standards for security.

Our data handling practices are fully compliant with stringent privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of data protection and privacy, ensuring your information is handled responsibly.

Can the Ai be integrated with systems (CRM and Calendar)?

Yes, our AI can integrate with various systems.
This integration allows for seamless data exchange, synchronization of customer information, and automated updates to your existing systems, ensuring a smooth workflow and integration.

What type of appointments am I getting?

Our AI makes sure to only book appointments with customers that have agreed to a time and have shown clear interest in the product.

How does the pricing work?

All of our solutions are tailored to our partners - and so is the pricing.

We believe that we should get paid based on your success. and believe in giving the best possible ROI.

Schedule a call for more details.

Can the AI be customized to my business?

All you need is to sent a link of your website, and Shiney will instantly know everything it needs to know about your business.

This is to ensure that any customer questions, will be answered in the best way possible!

Can I maintain Customer Relations with Ai?

Absolutely! Maintaining customer relations is a top priority.

With a customized AI solution, you can provide instant and personalized responses, handle inquiries, and assist with appointment scheduling, allowing you to also focus on nurturing customer relationships in other areas of your business.

How much time does the Ai save me?

AI is guaranteed to save you and your team a lot of time, while producing the results of full call centers.

It depends on the size of your business, but AI will save you anywhere from a few hours a day to multiple head counts.

Does the Ai learn and improve as it goes?

Yes, our AI systems uses machine learning capabilities, allowing them to learn and improve over time. They can analyze interactions, identify patterns, and adapt their responses based on user feedback and data. This continual learning helps enhance the AI's accuracy, efficiency, and ability to handle customer inquiries effectively.

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